Physical touch

Some people are touchers, and some aren’t. I definitely fall straight into the toucher category. I’m a hugger, a hand holder, and a back scratcher. In return, I require touch, and an over abundance of it. Borderline code clingy for sure. Code clingy Touch to me, is reassurance. It’s calming when my anxiety is high,... Continue Reading →

New school year resolution

Dear my fellow moms. Let’s make a pact, a new school year resolution, if you will. Let’s not let anxiety and fear guide us, but rather confidence and acknowledgment of our worth take the lead. This one, my youngest, she’s the one that has taught me the most about embracing uniqueness and celebrating it every... Continue Reading →

Sometimes opposites are just opposite

We've always heard the saying, opposites attract. I'm not saying that occasionally they don't, what I am saying is sometimes, opposites are just opposite. In my younger years I was a searcher. A searcher of all things that resembled a soulmate. I obviously had no idea who I was, or what I was looking for,... Continue Reading →

Afternoons with Lola

I have no idea how my mother got the nickname Lola, but it stuck. She gets called Mom, Nana or Lola, by all of my friends. I’ve heard “man I wish my mom was like your mom” my entire life. There is nothing subtle about her, which is exactly where I get it from. She... Continue Reading →

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