New school year resolution

Dear my fellow moms. Let’s make a pact, a new school year resolution, if you will. Let’s not let anxiety and fear guide us, but rather confidence and acknowledgment of our worth take the lead.

This one, my youngest, she’s the one that has taught me the most about embracing uniqueness and celebrating it every chance I get.

You are killing this mom gig. Don’t let a few stay Cheerios, or mismatched socks make you feel otherwise. Let them relish in their uniqueness as we celebrate it. We aren’t going to worry about what other parents think. If they’ve never accidentally washed a diaper, or played what’s that smell, in the car on a hot day, truth is we probably wouldn’t be friends with them anyway. There is nothing wrong with smiling and nodding from a safe distance.

Let’s try harder to listen without instantly responding. Sometimes they just need to vent. They don’t want to hear that you always thought little Suzy was shady. We can’t solve all of their problems, but what we can do, is ease their burdens, just by being there. Validating that their feelings are important and heard. Then ice cream, ice cream fixes everything.

Ice cream fixes everything

What about letting them try and figure things out before we step in? Is it going to suck a couple of times? Yup, sure is. Mama bear is gonna want to unleash, but what are we really teaching them if we don’t let them try? Now I’m not saying feed them to the wolves, but trust their problem solving skills you’ve been instilling in them since their first Tupperware shape sorter. They’ve got this.

Last but not least, acknowledge that your kid can be a problem. Seriously though. I know that my kids aren’t perfect. What fun is that? Don’t ever go into the arena with all your money on your own. Trust me, diversify those funds and expect a few surprises. Accepting that your child will make a few mistakes, some requiring an apology will better prepare you for when your perfect little boy punches a kid on the bus and breaks his glasses. (True story right there)

That perfect little boy, that right hooked a kid on the bus

I’m not an expert, but I’m not new to this momming gig either. I’ve been doing it for 22 years, and I’ve heard, seen, and survived a lot. Trust me when I say I know, I’ve been there, and it’ll be alright.

My teachers for the last 22 years

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