Hallmark and Puzzles

Just once a week. If I could just get myself to sit down and blog once a week I’d be happy. It’s not for lack of content. There is always something going on that either makes me laugh or gives me serious WTF vibes. Honestly it’s just not prioritizing correctly. I’m gonna add that to... Continue Reading →

C-Paps and Sex Toys

This whole getting older thing is actually humbling. Nothing brings your ass back to reality quicker than sitting in a “how to use your C-pap machine” class with a bunch of strangers. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of Hey Dudes I own, reality is I’m getting old. C-Pap or bust I went into this... Continue Reading →

Jen, where ya been?

I’m here doing bad ass mom stuff. We have been so busy with both kids in sports that we don’t know if we are coming or going. We just had our first free weekend in over a month. I’d like to say it was incredibly productive but there’s a few things I just can’t do,... Continue Reading →

Sleep Studies are Stupid

Disclaimer, I’m sure they are a very vital tool in the diagnosis and treatment of life threatening conditions. The following blog is my personal account of last nights events. I was not looking forward to last night. As a matter of fact I laid on my couch until the last minute. I washed my makeup... Continue Reading →

Mammograms and Sleep Studies.

Why I would schedule a mammogram and a sleep study on the same day is beyond me. Obviously the day after a holiday weekend sounded like the right time too. Here’s your sign…Schedule that mammogram My mammogram was scheduled for 8:45 in the morning. You’d think that would be completely doable. Let’s see where exactly... Continue Reading →

High Blood Pressure and Headaches.

I have never suffered from migraines. Headaches are rare. Usually a few ibuprofen and it’s gone. Yesterday was a different story. A whole different story. The day started out normal. Chuck and I did our normal Sunday grocery run. This usually consists of 4 stops. Costco, Aldi, Meijer and Sam’s Club. I know it sounds... Continue Reading →

Starting Out With A Bang

In the past I’ve always started the year out strong. Healthy lunches, written out schedules, and the feeling of complete control in the organizational category. Who am I kidding? I’ve always been winging it. Just seems like I’ve faked it better in the past. First day of school Day one, I barely got up in... Continue Reading →

2 Week Recap

I realized this morning that it’s been over two weeks since I’ve blogged anything. So here’s a quick recap. We celebrated my moms birthday, my birthday, my sons last baseball game of the season, a trip to the beach, pottery with friends, and the addition of 2 Guinea Pigs to our fleet, after an epic... Continue Reading →

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