February Fun

T-30 minutes until the Super Bowl. I’ve got plenty of time to update the ole blog.

The first Saturday in February I was alone. Like all alone. Everyone was gone for the night. That never happens. I got Thai take out, my own pint of ice cream, wore cozy pajamas, no bra and watched a mediocre movie, Love the Coopers. The night was a 10 out of 10, highly recommend.

I can’t remember if it was January or February but my friend Anna had a “Fancy Hat Party.” It was the perfect thing to break up the winter blahs. I am pretty certain that at 44 there isn’t much I don’t know. I’ll be the first to tell you that when you get a bunch of ladies together you find out things. Things that you can’t suddenly forget. I have always heard that you can get your lady bits waxed. It’s not something that has ever appealed to me. What I did not know is that they will also wax your butthole. I’m a huge believer in never say never but I’m gonna stand strong on this one.

February has been a busy one. I’ve signed up to walk 28 miles for the American Cancer Society. Now let’s be 100% transparent, it’s 28 miles in the entire month. This is an extremely doable task and the fact that I’ve raised $255 dollars keeps me motivated to stay on course.

One mile at a time.

We’ve been updating the kids bathroom. Starting from the ceiling down. In the meantime we’ve been sharing a bathroom. That’s been a damn nightmare. Why can’t they just turn on the exhaust fan? It’s right next to the light switch. When they are done showering my walls are sweating and there is not one drop of hot water left. Good times, highly recommend. The good news is we should have them back in their own bathroom by this weekend.

Friday night I took Chuck out for his first pedicure. He agreed that he could go that once a year. A month massage is way higher on his wish list than getting his cuticles jammed with a blunt metal tool. He was a good sport though.

When we were done we ran to Home Depot to grab a few things for the weekend of bathroom work. As we were walking up there were 3 employees standing at the window looking out in the parking lot. It was extremely odd so when we walked in I asked if there was something going on and if we should be nervous? Fair enough question I thought. Considering I was in flip flops and am not known to be a track star, if a head start was warranted I really needed to know. The manager told us that someone had just walked out with thousands of dollars of merchandise. That shit infuriates me. Remember the days of loss control tackling people as they tried to leave? Those were the days.

Celebrated my baby girl turning 24 last week. I remember when we’d have a big party with all of our family. Now everyone is either dead or divorced. Damn, that’s even depressing to write. I will say birthday shopping when they get older is so much easier. License plate renewal tabs for the win.

The only good thing about February is this girl.

I’m still loving the laundry detergent sheets. Bone broth consumption has pretty much stopped. I have a new Biggbe favorite, iced caramel sweet cream. Go Eagles!

Seriously though….

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