Bone Broth and Laundry Detergent Sheets.

I’ve done the whole “new year, new me” thing for several years. This year I’m shaking it up. I didn’t make a resolution, not one. There are things I’m experimenting with but I definitely wouldn’t call them resolutions.

One of my experiments is bone broth. I’ve heard of bone broth before and honestly the thought of it made me gag a bit. I’m one of those humans that is very comfortable being in dark when it comes to the nitty gritty of where my food comes from. TikTok threw some bone broth video’s in my feed and bam I was convinced I needed to try it. My second batch is currently in the instant pot. I’ll keep you posted if I start to feel any benefits. I figure it’s got to better than a cup or hot cocoa at night so there’s that.

My friends are sending me snaps of their treadmills and I’m sending them me drinking bone broth. I’m totally ok with this.

My other experiment is brought to you by a FB ad. There may be a trend here. Laundry detergent sheets that are delivered to your mailbox. One of my biggest annoyances is that we have so many laundry detergent jugs setting around. It’s like when you get a new gallon of milk and suddenly no one wants to finish the old gallon that is perfectly fine. Instead they open the new gallon and there sits the old one taking up space. We recycle but we are far from eco friendly. The real seller on these was the mailbox delivery. So far I’ve done 3 loads with them and I’ve been happy. Now to get the kids to use them. The texture is interesting but I haven’t had a problem with it dissolving. So far so good.

So far so good

Chuck and I went grocery shopping today. Of course we got a late start because I just couldn’t get my shit together. I think we finally left just after noon. First stop was Costco. I knew I needed a rotisserie chicken but other than that, I was going to be winging it. Let me tell you that winging it with me is really never a good idea but after noon on a Sunday was just stupid. Finally after making it down about 3 isles I was done. There were too many damn people. Carts coming and going in all directions. Some days are better than others. Today was one of the “others.”

We still needed to actually get groceries. Meijer has a scan and shop feature that is a game changer. Still no list though, just a few random things that the kids texted. There we were standing in the produce section and I realized that we had groceries in the cart but nothing for dinner. You know what I’m saying? A bunch of hodge podge shit. I mentioned it to Chuck. Ok, when I say I mentioned it what I actually did was get snippy about how we didn’t even have any meat. He mumbled something about having breakfast for dinner and I must have shot him some killer daggers. I’m not spending money on groceries to get home and not have meals. That’s when bad choices get made.

I can’t make this shit up. We went back to Costco! Yes back into the madness. This time with a mission. Some ribs, some steaks and a few other things we forgot the first time. We had the ribs for dinner tonight and I meal prepped lunches for Brogan. Apparently he’s really struggling to hit that 4500 calories a day. Pretty sure he was switched at birth. This kid literally stood in my kitchen bitching about how good his metabolism is. He’s lucky he’s cute.

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