When Caffeine is the Enemy

It’s no secret that I am in love with Biggby and their caramel sweet cream cold brew. I have one every Wednesday at coffee and I try to sneak one in during the week. I obviously forgot that I’m old when I got one Friday night at 7pm. We were going to run errands and it sounded good. It was delicious as usual. The side effect of not sleeping however, taught me a valuable lesson.

I watched TikTok until 5am. I can honestly say I have not stayed up until 5am in 25+ years. As I crawled into bed I knew that Saturday was going to be a wasted day. Unfortunately I wasn’t wrong. Very little got accomplished on Saturday.

We updated our bathroom a couple of months ago. When we do home improvements we are on fire out of the gate. Stamina on the other hand is weak. By the end of a project we either get sloppy or don’t fully complete it. In this instance it was the large builders grade mirror that needed to be updated.

I knew that once that mirror came off it was going to be a mess behind it. I decided that I would just shiplap wherever there was damage. It would be about a 4ft x 3ft area. Easy peasy. After 2 trips to Home Depot I got some wood slats that would work.

This is where things get messy. They came pre stained. I didn’t love the colors so Chuck sanded each one down and I re stained them. We were about 1/4 of the way done installing them and I was seriously regretting my color choice. The stains that I had picked where too dark and rustic looking.

What was a girl to do now? Obviously, Google how to paint over stained wood? Needless to say this morning I went to Home Depot and got myself some primer to cover the stain. The amount of patience that my husband has is award worthy, it really is.

Unfortunately Brogan has passed his sickness off to Chuck. I don’t know if it’s a cold or some other virus. This meant Sunday Funday was done solo today and I totally survived. I hit Costco, Meijer, Home Depot and Sam’s club. Of course when you don’t have the reasonable one with you your cart looks like you’re shopping to fill a vending machine. The kids are happy.

I attempted to make 2 dishes today and flopped them both. The first one was beef stroganoff. I’ve always done this in the crockpot and it’s turned out great. Today I decided I didn’t have time for that and I would make it the traditional way. It sucked. The meat was tough and the sauce was thin. Back to the crockpot for that dish.

I laid down for a Sunday nap and woke up to the smell of fresh paint. Chuck must have gotten a burst of energy and he painted the boards in the bathroom. I like how it looks right now and will probably leave it alone.

I decided that I would make Chicken Piccata for dinner. I know I’ve made this one before but used a different recipe. The sauce on it didn’t thicken up either. I don’t think I’m patient enough for this kind of cooking. I’m not giving up totally on this one, I’ve just gotta find the old recipe.

Zero for two aren’t great numbers. I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies to try and redeem myself. I think it bumped me up a point.

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