Mammograms and Sleep Studies.

Why I would schedule a mammogram and a sleep study on the same day is beyond me. Obviously the day after a holiday weekend sounded like the right time too.

Here’s your sign…Schedule that mammogram

My mammogram was scheduled for 8:45 in the morning. You’d think that would be completely doable. Let’s see where exactly did it start to go wrong today? Oh that’s right, when I thought I was smarter than my Waze app.

I’ve had my mammograms at Lemmen-Holton Cancer Center for 3 years now. One scare and it’s been nothing but compliance for me. I learned my lesson. Needless to say I know where I’m going and how to get there. I threw the address in my Waze app to see what would be the best route with morning traffic. I had a very minimal amount of coffee in me when I decided that I’d take the route I usually do vs the other 3 that were recommended. Once I got on the highway I realized that west bound was closed. There are no exits to take, no quick detours. I had to drive to Lowell only to get off and get back on west bound.

I would have been panicked except in my mind that 15 minute cushion between the arrival time and the appointment time just saved my ass. When I pulled into the parking garage I was already frazzled. Did I park where I was supposed to? Nope. Did I get lost and find the nicest lady that took pity on me and walked me where I needed to go? Yup.

Walking by the buzzing food court struck me in my gut with a flashback to Christmas Day. I remember sitting in that abandoned wing. Not a soul around, the silence was heavy. Just sitting there praying so hard. Praying that my Dad would be ok. Not having any idea what was in-store for us, a few hours later. I didn’t cry today, knowing that he never passed up a chance to let me know how proud he was.

Christmas Day 2021.
I remember taking this picture so that I wouldn’t forget….Now I understand, I don’t think you ever forget.

I ended up being 08 minutes late. Not to terrible everything considered. Today was a piece of cake. Two images on both sides and I got the all clear. There were no additional images or ultrasounds. I slathered on my purse deodorant and headed to work.

Tonight’s sleep study has me a bit nervous though. The thought of having someone watching me sleep is a bit unnerving. Plus let’s be honest for a second. my real fear is saying something stupid or doing one of those motion picture orgasm moans out of the blue. Sweet Jesus that’s all I’m going to be thinking about now. Wish me luck.

When Harry met Sally on replay

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