High Blood Pressure and Headaches.

I have never suffered from migraines. Headaches are rare. Usually a few ibuprofen and it’s gone. Yesterday was a different story. A whole different story.

The day started out normal. Chuck and I did our normal Sunday grocery run. This usually consists of 4 stops. Costco, Aldi, Meijer and Sam’s Club. I know it sounds unnecessary but there are certain things I prefer at different places. Plus, we are easily amused and these trips are never short on amusement. Silly me has always assumed that if one felt it necessary to smell cilantro so deep it touched one’s nostrils, that it would be common sense that he has committed to that purchase. The man at Meijer proved me wrong. I’m still grossed out.

We got home and I laid down for my afternoon slumber. Holy shit out of nowhere I got the worst headache. I’m not talking, “We can’t have sex” headache. I’m talking a “kill me because I’m having a brain aneurysm” headache. Poor Chuck didn’t know what to do. He was changing cold towels and rubbing my legs. He’s never had to be present for labor and delivery. I’ve had C-sections but if he ever was, he’d be the best.

At one point he questioned calling 911. Honestly the thought of talking, or riding in a car was not an option for me. The next 2 hours were absolute hell. I thought I was gonna puke a few times but didn’t. Lately I’ve been telling myself that I would get on top of my recent high blood pressure with a few walks around the block and some oatmeal. Needless to say I made some pretty hefty promises to God yesterday when I thought I was dying.

This morning I wrote my doctor a little note on MyChart and they wanted to see me at 3. If my headache returned or got worse they wanted me to go to the ER. I decided to buy myself a blood pressure monitor at Rite Aid so I could keep an eye on it today. it’s been running a steady 144/93 give or take all day. I’ve also been popping Excederin migraine pills every 4 hours, you know for preventative purposes.

Needless to say as of today, I am on Lisinopril. I’m not sure what was the biggest blow. The fact that I’ve gained 13lbs since April, or the fact that I’m 44 and suddenly have high blood pressure. Chuck and I have decided that our asses need to get out and walk around the block a few times. Of course tonight Mother Nature said maybe tomorrow.

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