Starting Out With A Bang

In the past I’ve always started the year out strong. Healthy lunches, written out schedules, and the feeling of complete control in the organizational category. Who am I kidding? I’ve always been winging it. Just seems like I’ve faked it better in the past.

First day of school

Day one, I barely got up in time to take their obligatory first day of school picture. Thank God they are self sufficient for the most part and don’t require my constant attention in the morning. They obviously survived those years, but it wasn’t easy. I can’t even be responsible to get myself into matching shoes. At least it was my weekly coffee date and the ladies have accepted that I am the definition of “hot mess express.”

They both sparkle and it was early

Day 3 I got up and I saw a book and a few papers that were supposed to be signed. I took a picture of them because I was going to write a semi intelligent blog post, about how I let my kids fail to learn responsibility. I might yet, but for now we are sticking with light and funny. I’m still in bed but now I’m very curious if they are still there.

The real kicker was yesterday. Mother of the year right here. I got to Cross Country practice 35 minutes early. I decided to embrace the moment and take a quick nap. I had my car running, the air cranked and my heated seat on. I found a jacket in my car and covered my head and arms. I was pretty comfortable considering it was an impromptu event.

Lesson learned. Set an alarm.

I woke up startled because my car stopped running. Apparently the answer to how long will my car run idle, is one hour. I looked at the clock and it was 4:15. Not only had I been asleep for almost 45 minutes but practice got out 15 minutes earlier.

I scrambled for my phone and found that she had texted me several times. She asked if she could go with a group of girls to get ice cream. Thank goodness she took my lack of response as a yes. I went and got her, she was cool as a cucumber. As a matter of fact she quite enjoyed her taste of independence. There she sat, eating ice cream and fries with her friends.

If nothing else, my kids are all cute and have hella character.

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