Somewhere Between Gymboree and American Eagle.

School starts this week. That means we all have some adjusting to do. The kids are going to have to go to bed before midnight and wake up before noon. I’ll be trying to pack nutritious meals for the first week and then I’ll cave and throw money in their lunch accounts.

I’m sure there will be volunteer forms to sign and homework to get done. Thank goodness Chuck is usually pretty good at that because organization and commitment to activities, are not my strongest traits. Whatever is smack dab in the middle of helicopter mom and free range parenting, that’s where I’ll be.

School clothes shopping is easy for my son. We get online, pick out some clothes and we are done. Seriously, that’s it. My youngest on the other hand is a whole different story. I have learned that I have no idea what she likes, and her “style” depends on the day. This past Saturday we went to the mall to grab a few new shirts to round out her wardrobe.

I’m 44 years old. I don’t shop in the Junior’s section. I don’t know what’s “trending.” I am old, in love with stretchy pants, and being comfortable is my top priority. Let’s talk about the clothing options for tween girls.

Costco for the win

Tweens are considered between 8 and 12. Not quite teens but not “little kids” either. I remember the good old days where I could stock up on cute clothes from Gymboree when they were having a sale. Everything matched. You could have your headband match your socks and everything in between. I understand that there is an age where that is kiddish. I just wish we didn’t have to lose 1/2 of the material while transitioning to this next phase.

Shirt shopping shouldn’t be this hard.

I am 100% not a prude. I enjoy a nice cleavage enhancing bra as much as the next guy. I do not however want to see my 11 year old daughters belly button in every shirt that she try’s on. Seriously, every single shirt in the juniors department was a crop top.

My mom friends feel my pain. No this isn’t Build a Bear.

On the flip side of that, every shirt in the girls department had a cartoon or some sort of an animal on it. Where are the in between shirts? I’m not talking in between her waist and her neck. I’m talking the age appropriate shirts that scream, “Let me wear cute stuff without showing my belly.”

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