2 Week Recap

I realized this morning that it’s been over two weeks since I’ve blogged anything. So here’s a quick recap. We celebrated my moms birthday, my birthday, my sons last baseball game of the season, a trip to the beach, pottery with friends, and the addition of 2 Guinea Pigs to our fleet, after an epic Power Point.

Creating their Power Point presentation

My mom turned 70 this year. Of course her birthday fell on the same day as a baseball game. Thank goodness her favorite pastime is watching her grand kids do anything. After the game we surprised her with a little party. It was a great day overall.

Happy 70 Mom

My birthday fell on a Thursday this year. I decided that I wanted to try a new restaurant. We went to Black Rock. What really sold me was the free birthday volcano. I mean seriously though. This thing was the bees knees. It was a great, low key way to celebrate 44.


My kids have been wanting to go to Lake Michigan. I love to spend time at the beach but the idea of bringing them myself gives me hives. The addition of my husband to pretty much any situation, is a neutralizer. Thank goodness we figured out a time that he could go with us. One more thing we can check off the summer bucket list.

It is no secret that I require limited social interaction and adequate sleep. When we decided to do a pottery class on a Tuesday night at 6:30, I had my initial reservations. We went to the pottery class and it was a blast! I carved into a coffee cup. We get to go back in a couple of weeks to glaze it. Y’all I did not get home until after 10, on a damn Tuesday! Needless to say I didn’t make it to my weekly 7:30 coffee date. I wonder what people who sleep 5-6 hours a night feel like? I’m a solid 10 hour kinda gal.

I’m not made for late nights and early mornings.

I have never wanted a Guinea Pig. Not as kid and definitely not as an adult. As a matter of fact in my mind they are one small notch above mice or rats. So when my kids suddenly wanted one my initial thought response was hell no! Now my kids are a bit like me, so the initial “no” was not interpreted as a solid answer. It was more of a challenge. I resorted to throwing my husband under the bus with the famous, “let’s see what your dad says.” That got their little brains working. They decided that because their dad is a professional business man that they should present him a Power Point.

I can’t lie, watching them work so hard on presenting their case, broke me down a little. The presentation was epic and their older sister sealed the deal through a FaceTime conference. She even came and picked them up to take them to buy the Guinea Pigs that they saw that day. I have set some high regulations but if I was in my right mind I would have drafted a contract. I might still sneak that in there somewhere.

I guess we are really doing this.

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