Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, AKA Tapping that ass.

I started my hormone therapy journey about a month ago. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the insertion of my butt pellet. Let me explain.

Almost 44, no uterus and hormones that don’t know what the hell to do.

I had my blood drawn and that was sent to a lab. From there they made me a custom hormone pellet. That pellet consists of the hormones that my body is lacking. These chemicals help coordinate your body’s functions, from metabolism, emotions, mood, sexual function and even sleep.

I knew pretty much what to expect today because we had went over the procedure and post op instructions when I had my blood draw last month. The first thing we did was pull my pants down just a little. There was no gown or full dismantling. Honestly wouldn’t have even shaved my legs if I would have known that.

There was some wiping of different disinfectants and then a numbing spray. That one was a bit like a freezing agent. Not painful just really cold. Next came the pinch and burn. I’ve had 3 c-sections, Botox and get my eyebrows threaded, this was a piece of cake. Next thing I know she asked me if I was feeling anything. She then informs me that she’s making the incision. Anesthesia really is amazing stuff. A minute later she was done and ready to close it up.

Of course I asked for her to take a picture because if you’re considering BHRT it’s important to know what to expect. Yup that’s a picture of my butt cheek after the pellet had been inserted.

It’s been 3 hours and I haven’t had any pain. I do have some steri strips on that should last about 4 days. There is a bandage that is covering those that will last 24hours. I can shower but no pool, lake or bath. No squats for 4 days either, that one should be easy peasy.

Now this little pellet will absorb and provide me the necessary hormones to balance me out for the next 2-3 months. I sold my husband on the investment with the mention of increased libido. I mean can you really put a price on a happy, energetic, frisky wife?

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