Hangry and Bored

I don’t know why this trip feels like a lifetime but holy snot. I drove to Florida and it didn’t feel this long. The traffic hasn’t even been bad. I’m the worst rider in history. I get bored fast, I have to pee a lot and I’m a backseat driver.

First gas station stop we used the bathroom and walked out spending $30 on shit. The exact thing I said we weren’t going to do, we did. Slushies, candy, chocolate, and chapstick.

Remember how I wanted to pre-make the sandwiches? I knew it would be easier but I got outnumbered. I bet me standing in the middle of a parking lot at a gas station throwing a fit because I wanted a sandwich right now, will make them think twice next time. Chuck was adamant that he wanted to find a park or something. This isn’t a Hallmark movie it’s the middle of Indiana, 95 degrees and I’m hungry. I grabbed a croissant and got in the truck.

A couple of exits down the road he gets off. I don’t say a word. He drives past a few places that looked appealing and turned into a run-down motel parking lot. I instantly hear Brogan from the back seat, “Dad no, we can not eat here!” As we make our way to the back of the parking lot there is a compound of shady individuals. Thank god he realized he was wrong and turned around. We ended up across the street in another random parking lot.

As I was pulling the croissants apart with my hands and shoving the lunch meat in them, my mouth was running a mile a minute. I made sure he understood that it would have been so much easier to pre-make the damn sandwiches. He sat in the truck and ate his sandwich without saying a word. The restraint this man has is unmatched.

Needless to say we survived and are about an hour out from our hotel. Travel day one is almost done.

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  1. We know every park from here to KY. You’ve got smart phones…or read a map. For us it just tradition to stop.
    The Christmas day stop one year…not so warm and fuzzy. and hubby only packed Chinese mustard (whatever that is)..I played the part of Jen for that meal.
    My hubby takes every back road from here to there. I cope by sleeping until I’m rudely awakened when he is lost. (he doesn’t take the smartphone advice).
    and driving…my hubby drives *by committee * If I’m driving..l get climate, road and sound control.
    Have fun!


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