Raising Ballers

Before I had a son I never watched baseball. It didn’t interest me in the least. As a matter of fact I found it quite painful to watch. A close second to golf on the entertainment scale.

That was until I had a personal investment in a player. I’ve been hooked since he took the field for the first time. We’ve played tee-ball, little league, high school ball and travel ball.

As a ball mom there needs to be some acceptance of the things you just can’t get done. The laundry piled high, the empty fridge because you’re living on the go and the lawn. Holy moly the lawn is the worst! I think it’s because people can actually see the lawn. No one is going to judge the laundry pile they can’t see.

I think we’ve accumulated all of the gear over the years. The wagon, the chairs, the canopy, the rolling cooler and of course the emergency ball bag. The ball bag stays in the car but is stocked with wet wipes, toilet paper, bandaids, ibuprofen, snacks and some tums. You just never know.

It’s a huge time commitment but something magical happens when you sit there. You can almost see them transition from boys to men. The lessons that they are learning from every play, good or bad. How to win and lose with grace.

I think she’s his good luck charm

To all my ball moms I see you, they see you too.

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