Sunburn and Bras

It happens every year. That first sunny day where sunscreen crosses my mind but my judgement gets clouded by the sudden dose of natural vitamin D. I feel invincible. Unfortunately I forget that first dose does a number on me. The majority of yesterday’s impact was my back and shoulders.

Mornings are made better with inspirational cups

Now of course I don’t own a strapless bra so the girls hung low and swung to and fro today. I know there are some women that love to not wear a bra. I am not those women. I need the security of feeling tucked in.

We worked on cleaning up the house and catching up on laundry today. I haven’t physically seen Addison since Friday and Brogan has been living his best life with his girlfriend. This has left Chuck and I with a taste of an empty nest. I have to say only once today did he irritate me. It was nothing personal. I would have found anyone licking a spoon 3 too many times irritating.

He spent the day doing little things for me. He put the frame around my mirror, hung a shelf in the closet and polyurethaned my bench. He knows my love language. Acts of service and ice cream.

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