We are gonna regret this tomorrow.

This morning Chuck and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do some work in the yard. We drank coffee, took a shower and headed out. First stop was McDonald. A good day starts with a sausage egg McMuffin and a Carmel Frappe.

Never go shopping hungry

First stop was Sam’s Club. I know I’ve said it before but the scan and shop option is a game changer. I felt like such a bad ass as I was in the bed of the truck tossing those bags of rubber mulch around. Pretty sure my husband was turned on by my sudden badassery. Of course any fantasy I thought I was a part of was squashed when I graciously dismounted.

Next up was Home Depot. Here is where we realized that even though we had discussed this at home, we weren’t on the same page. Of course we realized it in the middle of the paver isle. Apparently he thought I was talking about a little edging project. I was actually talking about building a retaining wall. As he loaded the 100 pavers onto a flat bed cart I meandered around. I know when to be scarce.

Another reason he loves his truck

The rest of the day was spent sweating our asses off. We may have been a bit optimistic considering our age and physical shape. We have already taken ibuprofen and are praying we can move tomorrow.


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