Weekend Recap

Friday night I went on a date with my husband. We aren’t fancy like Applebees but we we’re definitely crushing it at Costco kind of people. We loaded up chicken, butter, cauliflower, broccoli, heavy cream and $100 worth of impulse buys. It was very romantic. Although I kid about these little dates they are honestly so important. I love my kids but I need alone time with my husband.

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous. Sunny and warm hasn’t described Michigan at all this Spring. The Tulips I planted in the Fall are apparently Daffodils. I was just excited to see them bloom didn’t really matter what they were. We did a few odd and end things around the house. I finally got my bathroom light fixture painted. I’m way too cheap to buy new. A can of spray paint and 3 new sconces and I’m $20 invested into an original piece.

For $20 I’m a happy camper.

Now the only thing holding us up is the bathroom counter. We purchased a butcher block from Home Depot months ago. When the thought of a bathroom remodel wasn’t even in the infancy stage. Why you ask? Because we felt like it was a great deal of course. I have stained it and this weekend we decided to finally epoxy it. Epoxy is very intimidating. So many factors like temperature, mix ratios, and mix times kept us from jumping in too quickly. Yesterday Chuck poured the “seal layer” and we used my blow dryer to hit the bubbles. All that was left was cure time.

I had a date with Addison. I took her to see the school play Matilda. I think she’s hooked. Her eyes were open the whole time. It was especially fun because we knew some of the cast. The kids did such a great job. I asked her on the way home if that’s something she would like to do and she thinks she has too much stage freight. This kid has been dramatic since day one, she would be straight fire.

My date to the play.

Now Sunday needs its own blog. To be continued…..

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