Keto Day One

This weekend we were kid less. Of course we kept ourselves very busy with the bathroom. I’m amazed at how far we have come. I don’t think we’ve even fought. Except that one time I used a tool to open my paint can. I just flashed him my boobs real quick and suddenly he wasn’t mad anymore. It’s definitely not my go to but as a last resort it definitely works.

As if living through a bathroom remodel isn’t stressful enough, I decided that it would be a fantastic idea to start Keto. Of course that idea came to me after we got $80 worth of Uccellos take out on Saturday night. Just for the two of us.

Date night renovation style

As we were walking through Costco on Sunday, I had to give Chuck a quick rundown on what he can and can’t have, while eating Keto. At one point I snapped and said, “forget it, I don’t even want you to do it.” He was such a wine ass. The worst part is he will lose 20lbs this week, you watch.

Food prep Sunday

We did our food prep yesterday. I ordered some more food prep dishes on Amazon today because it just feels better when they are all the same size and organized in the fridge. It’s very much an adult accomplishment feeling. This week we are eating chicken gyro bowls, taco salad bowls and Cobb salads. We’ve got string cheese, meat sticks and each other.

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