Are You A Hype Wife?

You know that saying, the one about being a bucket filler, instead of a bucket dumper? I don’t remember the exact wording but the basic gist of it is be a good person, not an asshole. When you are kind and nice to people, it fills their imaginary bucket. When you are mean or disrespectful it dumps their bucket. This is taught in kindergarten but is extremely important when you’re married.

I heard a song recently and the lyrics struck me like a bolt of lightning. It’s called, Where We Started by Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry. The whole song is good but holy shit this chorus is where it’s at.

“Keep your eyes on me
Cause talk is cheap
We’re all we need, yeah
Darlin’ I know how far we’re gonna go
Just look at that road and think about where we started.”

Thomas Rhett, Where We Started 💕

My interpretation may be different than yours. Everyone’s life experiences impact their interpretation. Marriage is hard, like really hard. It’s so important during a low, to avoid outside static. The truth is, talk is cheap. Do not let anyone other than your spouse, start filling your bucket. It’s a slippery slope. Even if you kicked that bucket over in the past, it’s not to late.

Pick up that fucking bucket. Fill it so full it’s overflowing. Be his biggest fan. My husband knows how thankful I am, because I tell him. I lay in bed at night and thank him for being the provider, a wonderful husband and the best dad ever. He probably gets sick of me smacking his ass and telling him how sexy I think he is, but I don’t care. I’m his hype wife, it’s my job.

If you can’t remember the last compliment you gave your spouse, turn on the spigot. Trust me, a spouse that feels valued and appreciated is worth its weight in gold.

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