Shit Show Sunday

The weather was beautiful yesterday. Today was cold and windy. This made for a decent headache and some serious sinus pressure this morning. I didn’t sleep well last night either. Sleeping without Chuck is weird. Not once did I get groped or rubbed up on in the middle of the night. It was weird.

I knew we needed groceries but I also knew that it was going to be hell. I put on my big girl pants and the kids and I headed out. Huge mistake, huge. (In my best Julia Roberts voice)

My head was throbbing, so I let Brogan drive. I know I should let him drive more but holy smokes my anxiety is legit. I have no idea why I thought today would be a good day to visit Daily Deals. The good news is, I got a lot of protein snacks for the kids.

Next up Aldi and Meijer. Now obviously because I am so good at making decisions I figured that going to the locations that I don’t normally go to would be just fine. Bad choices were made. There is a weird 2 turn lane merge thing as you enter that threw Brogan for a loop. I may have over reacted and he may have voluntarily forfeited his drive time for the rest of the day.

We made it through Aldi, pretty much unscathed. Meijer on the other hand was a damn nightmare. First of all, it was bad timing. We never grocery shop in the afternoon. Early morning or never from now on. For some un forsaken reason I didn’t have a list. I thought screen shots of some Pinterest recipes would be enough. Everyone knows that standing in the isle looking at your phone is completely acceptable behavior. I lost my shit looking for cabbage.

What do I do when I lose my shit? I call Chuck. He was driving 3 hours away, exhausted, and probably hung over. What could he possibly do for me? He said “Honey just leave, text me what you need and I’ll stop on the way home”. Hallelujah. I found the cabbage and told the kids we were leaving. They have always been huge fans of their dad but today they definitely thought he was a hero.

We got home and got the groceries put away. I texted Chuck the items that we needed and I told the kids I was going to take a nap. I said to Brogan “Hey buddy, I hope when you’re a husband you can remember days like today and how amazing your dad is. I hope someday you can be as good of a husband”. He looked at me and without skipping a beat says, “Or not marry a woman like you”. Touché little dude.

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