Saturday’s Are For Shoes

Saturday we had an 8am basketball game. Let me just say there is a significant difference between 8am Jen and 10am Jen. The only similarity, is that they both love watching Addie develop her skills. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how they can rip the balls out of each other’s hands, or roll around on the court but apparently it’s normal.

Chuck went away on Saturday. I can count on one hand how many times in the last 21 years, that he has voluntarily spent the night away from us. He just doesn’t do it. He was able to go to his hometown and catch up with some friends. That left the kids and I unsupervised on payday week.

Addison has been wearing a pair of Adidas that are falling apart. She insists on wearing them and that they “aren’t that bad.” They most certainly are that bad and more. We decided to make a drive to Rockford and go to the Wolverine shoe store. I’m a sucker for a sale.

The weather was gorgeous so we picked up my Mom for the day. We drove to Rockford and I’m the only one that found shoes. One pair I purchased is identical to a pair that I already have and love. The second pair is the same shoe in silver, instead of gold.

Next we hit the Tanger Outlet mall. Thank goodness the kids both found shoes. I do find it ironic that they both got the same shoes. Black Converse for the win. I also ordered a new pair of Hey Dudes for myself. Comfort is key these days.

After we went shopping, Mom treated us to dinner at Pete’s in Byron Center. The conversation somehow ended up on how long Chuck and I have been together, vs how many years we’ve been married. I found myself having to defend and explain that in the early years, it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies. To put it lightly, I was an asshole. Obviously I didn’t get into the nitty gritty but they did get me squirming.

Who would have thought a couple of kids that can’t remember to flush the toilet, could be so damn judgmental. They got the PG version but both came to the conclusion that their dad is a saint and they are glad he hung in there.

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