Straddle Strategies and Thrift Store Blazers

I’m convinced that the last two weeks of February are the longest weeks of the year. The temperature, the daylight hours and the precipitation can’t get on the same page.

One of my coping mechanisms is getting “dolled up.” There is something contagious about being confident. This task is not always easy but trust me, it’s worth it.

Thrifted blazer & pants. Shirt clearance at Express. Shoes splurge Rothy’s-don’t regret for a second

I’m an avid thrifter. I rarely buy anything at full price. As a matter of fact, I’d much rather stop in at a Goodwill than the mall any day. One of my most complimented articles of clothing, is a bright blazer that I snagged for $4.99. Every time I put it on I feel like I can accomplish anything. Everyone should have at least one smoking gun hanging in their closet.

Makeup, I’ve always loved makeup. I believe that came from my grandma. She would always give me her free Clinique or Estée Lauder, that she got with her $65 purchase. Her skin was absolute perfection. I remember sitting in her bathroom, which was smaller than my closet and I’d watch her “put her face on.” I can still smell her signature scent, Estée Lauder’s Beautiful. She was classy. I hope someday I can achieve classy status.

My grandma had a “Clinique lady”. I was quite convinced she was elite and magical.

Now being the cheap person that I am, I know when to splurge and when not to. Foundation is a splurge. Gotta be the good stuff. I’ve worked way too hard trying to combat adult acne to take a chance. Although my favorite eyebrow pencil is Wet N Wild, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is seriously the best!

Definite splurge but best one I’ve found so far.

So last week was my first Chiropractor appointment and it went really well. My Chiropractor is about 5ft tall, 100lbs and adorable. So if you know anything about me, you know that if we’ve met more than once, we are now friends and there isn’t a topic that is off limits.

As was working on my neck muscles, she was telling me about the roasted vegetables at a local restaurant, and how good they are. She said she would pick them over fries as a side, any day. I of course was not going to tell her that’s the obvious difference between us, and almost a friendship dealbreaker while she had her elbow in my neck.

Maybe I’ll a check the weather the next time I decide to spend that extra time on my hair and wear white.

She had me lay down and she started doing her thing. Is it Voodoo? I don’t know, I’m laying facedown and she’s moving me feet and pushing on my butt. She mentions my left hip is out and I bust out laughing. Now I know she’s been warned about me to a certain extent but I figured at this point we were all in. I proceeded to tell her that Chuck and I had some quality one on one time and my old ass hips hurt for two days.

I couldn’t see her face but we laughed and she fixed me right up. Stretches are going to be very beneficial going forward. I am officially at a place in my life where straddle stretches are not only a thing but a requirement. 20 year old me would be dying right now.

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