Basketball and Busted Dinner

I took Friday off at the last minute. The kids had mid winter break and they were needing something to break up the monotony.

We picked up my mom and went shopping. 5 Below is always a crowd pleaser. The kids can go in by themselves, and meet me in TjMaxx when they’re done. Although I get sad looking at my cute little babies on Facebook memories, this age is the best. They are independent and funny as hell.

Post shopping lunch at Russ’s
He takes such good care of her.

All of my kids have strong personalities. I wonder where they get that? Morgan is the leader. Brogan is the rule follower and Addison, well she is the loose cannon. The one that you just never know but the anticipation is fun.

Besties on the court together.

Saturday morning she had a basketball game. The fun part was she was she was playing her bestie. These kids are hilarious together. It was a close game but we came out on top at the end. It was nice because both Nana’s got to be there. I know it was hard for my mom Vicky because it was the first sporting event since my dad passed away. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and I will make it a priority that she knows how loved she is.

I got a wild hair to try and cook something new for dinner on Sunday. Chuck and Brogan were at baseball practice from 12-3 so I had plenty of time to make Chicken Cordon Blue. Let me just say, it looked devine. It’s tasted like shit, but it looked good. I don’t know what I did wrong. I followed the directions to a T. It was bland with no flavor. Here’s a picture of my beautiful loaf of wasted chicken breasts and bacon.

So beautiful
So bland…

And just like that the weekend is over and it’s Monday already. This week my focus is going to be laundry. There is put it in writing, let’s see how I do.

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