Instant Pot Failures And Pickleball Commitments.

I can not make spaghetti in the Instant pot. Every time I try I get a burn notice. I have attempted this so many times that I now know in order to get edible noodles, I have to restart it 3 times. Three burn warnings will give me cooked spaghetti. I’ve tried everything.

I actually said “bullshit” to a kitchen appliance

Now I can cook other things just fine. Ribs, eggs and potatoes I can handle. As a matter of fact I won’t do “hard boiled” eggs any other way. Maybe spaghetti knows that I hate it as much as it hates me. If it weren’t for my kids we’d never eat it.

Have you tried Pickleball? We played it this summer as a family and it was fun. There is a local field house that has indoor courts. I have one friend who has tried to get me on a spin bike and another one who tried to talk be into yoga. I am somewhere in the middle of the two. I feel like Pickleball might be the sweet spot. I have officially signed up for a class that is at night once a week. It starts in March but we are on the waiting list for February.

This is a real thing

Hi my name is Jen. I’m 43 years old. I can’t cook spaghetti for shit but I’m on a waiting list for Pickleball. I like the Carwash and napping. I’m not a fan of being cold, hungry or inconvenienced. I’m sarcastic but in a funny way. Thank GOD I’m not single because that would be my Tinder profile and I’m sure I’d be eating my ramen alone.

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