Eggs Benedict and Vinyl

This morning I decided that I needed a husband day. These days are when the only person I want to be with is my husband. It can mean going to Costco, grocery shopping or anywhere else we decide to go. Today it was thrifting.

This morning started off with a big orange tag on my garbage bucket. My first thought was maybe they were going to upgrade our bucket and tagged it to remember. You know like the trees in the forest with the orange spray paint on them? Yeah, similar to that. Well I was wrong. I’ve been a bit preoccupied and apparently have missed the trash bill. If that was an isolated incident it might be easily excused. Unfortunately consumers called last week. Apparently I forgot that one too. I’ve got some work to do. Pretty soon Chuck is going to find a new CFO.

Lol, my bad

First we went to New Beginnings for breakfast. I had the eggs benedict. I wish I could be one of those people that tried new things. Unfortunately I know what I like, and I’m afraid if I get something else I’ll end up regretting it. It was nice to eat, drink coffee and talk without distractions.

Chuck got a record player for Christmas so his goal today was to find some vinyl records. I didn’t have a goal. Thrifting is more fun when you aren’t on a mission. I mean, I’m always looking for new blazers. I’m a bit addicted. They rank right up there with black jumpsuits.

I took him to my favorite thrift store. Don’t get me wrong, the ones that have 20 volunteers sorting, folding, and labeling everything so that the sales floor looks like a boutique, are great. However the ones with old wood floors and radiators making horrific sounds are more my jam. I love hunting through other people stuff. My dream job is literally being the intake person at a thrift store. Shit, I’d do it for free if I got first pick. .

Seriously this is my happy place

We found him some vinyl today. Quite the assortment I must say. Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and some random ones that had cool covers. I’m definitely a judge by the cover kind of girl. He was such a great sport. I think we were at it for almost 4 hours. We find each other quite entertaining.

I mean how can you pass that up?

The other night I had what I can only call an insane late night impulse buy. I was eating a fruit rollup and decided I needed a food dehydrator so I could make my own. Thanks to the magic of Amazon it was delivered today. On the way home we stopped and grabbed some fruit so I can use it. Instead I’m laying on the couch blogging.

Saturday night rock stars right here

I bought thank you cards the other day. Tomorrow I’m sitting down and doing them damit. I have been blessed by the best friends in the entire world. They have been so great the last couple of weeks.

So tomorrow’s agenda is eating fruit roll ups and doing thank you cards. Sounds perfect.

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