Saturday Mornings in Deep Thought.

The loss I’ve witnessed this past year is heartbreaking. Maybe it’s awareness with social media. Maybe it’s raw to me so I’m sensitive to it. Either way there are many of my friends suffering. Which brings me to my current question. When is it appropriate to attend a visitation/funeral and when is it not?

How many of you have teetered on this question? I have recently. My thoughts on this before last year would have been somewhere along the lines of if I have their phone number stored in my phone it’s appropriate. If I don’t it’s boarder line funeral crashing.

My opinion has changed. If I lose someone that has touched you in any way, please come. If you have laughed with me at any point, please come. If you feel the sadness when you hear the news, please come. I think there is comfort in knowing the impact one has made. Impact is not valued on size. There is no gauge to measure because it is all equally important. Impact is never insignificant.

We’ve got one shot at this life, just one. You can overdue it on a lot of things but empathy and gratitude aren’t two of them. Hug longer and love louder.


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