The Kiss Of Death

Have you ever watched someone die? I’m talking about the very moment that their heart stops beating? I have witnessed 3 people that I love very much leave their earthly body.

Saturday was a roller coaster. This is where we spent a lot of time drinking Coffee and making sure we knew Dads wishes.

My Grandpa was the first. I learned the mechanics of death from watching him. This was terrifying to witness, the signs, the smells and the taste of death. My grandpa had his Wife, Children and 2 of his Grandchildren surrounding him.

My Grandpa

My Grandma was the second. I rode with her in the transport van to the Hospice facility. I watched her look out the windows. Her eyes wide like a kid on a field trip. Her room was like a 5 star hotel. We prayed around her and sang around her. When she took he last breath she had her 2 Daughters and I there. It was the first time I thought of the process as beautiful.

My Grandma

My Dad was the third. With my Dad it was different. He was only 69 and quite frankly his turn for the worst felt sudden, and I didn’t feel prepared at all. Life support takes the guess work out of the timing. 20 minutes after they removed him he was gone. All 7 of his Children, his brother and 2 sisters were there to see him off. Again devastatingly beautiful.

My Dad and I last Father’s Day at the ball field. One of his favorite places to be.

When you kiss the forehead of a newly departed loved one, there is a cool clamminess that leaves a salty taste on your lips. It’s unmistakable and can not be re created. It could be thought of as a curse, or a privilege. I’m going to go with a privilege. I have been blessed to have loved so great, and been loved so deep.

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