No Regrets

New Years naturally brings with it the history of the last year, and the excitement of what’s to come. I’m not much for resolutions, never have been.

Even though 2021 sucked. I have no regrets.

I’ve come a hell of a long way since last year. This time last year I was suffering with the worst case of depression that I’ve ever had. Thank God for a patient husband and wonderful friends. I came out of it with a better understanding of warning signs and patience with myself. No regrets.

Keep the friends that say, “we are taking you away for the weekend”

I’ve worked hard on self love. Emotionally and physically. I know that my soul is dope and my heart is gold. This year I finally added the physical self love piece. If you are a woman I strongly suggest you explore boudoir. Yes I said it, boudoir. Find yourself a photographer that makes you feel like a goddess and get to posing. Do it for you. Step outside of the reflection you see in the mirror and let the lens surprise the shit out of you. No regrets.

I’m so proud to say I’ve inspired several women to embrace their body on a whole new level.

I had my hysterectomy. That is something I wish i’d done years ago. I was so scared at the thought of it that I suffered far too long. It’s amazing how my quality of life has improved. Not planning your world around one week a month takes a lot to get used to. If you’re on the fence get serious about exploring it. You are worth it. No regrets.

Hysterectomy Sister

I got fired for the first time. I actually can’t even type it without laughing because it’s that far out there. I wasn’t sad, I was relieved but what I didn’t expect is the peace that followed. I think it’s important to understand that the anxiety on Sunday nights, and tiptoeing around because you don’t know what kind of environment you’ll walk into each day is not normal. Life is short. Walk away from things that are not healthy. No regrets.

When someone says all of the awful things to you that you’ve thought about them, well hello kettle.

I started a new job. A job that has nothing to do with the dental field. I have my own cubicle, my own sunlamp, and my very own business card. The flexibility that I have is unheard of. Kids have an appointment, no problem. Bus isn’t running I’ve gotta pick them up, no problem. I have a breakfast date, again no problem. You get the point. I’m blessed. No regrets.

Communications Director/ Co chair Chamber Ambassador

My Dad died. There’s no graceful way to say it. He spent the last year in and out of the hospital. I’ve clocked in some hours up there with him, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My heart hurts but I know he is free of pain. My dad loved me and I loved him. No regrets.

My Daddy

A lot of shit has happened these past 12 months but I have no regrets. I will continue to live loud, love large and strive to be the most authentic person I possibly can be. No regrets.

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