So About Friday Night…

Do you have that one friend that cancels plans at the last minute? Or maybe the one that you can not get to commit to anything. Every invitation is followed with, “I’ll have to see what’s going on, sounds fun.” When you know damn well there is a 30-70% chance of actual follow through.

That friend is me.

Anxiety and Stress can make you appear to be a shity person.

Now at first glimpse, this behavior can be observed as incredibly rude and inconsiderate. However in my case it is absolutely never intentional. Never any form of malice or disrespect driven. I’m sure there is some way back psychological reason but I don’t know what it is. I can not commit to things. I’m a maybe kind of gal.

Maybe kind of gals can’t do simple tasks. Here’s an example, planning a menu for the week. I’ve tried this several times and I just can’t do it. Would it relieve a lot of stress if I just said Tuesday is chicken ? It absolutely would. Can I do it? Nope. On Tuesday I don’t want chicken. I end up eating pita chips, some pudding and maybe a string cheese. Do I get pissed on Sunday when I throw out a pack of chicken? I sure do. Is the same exact thing going to happen next week? Probably.

It was maybe a month or more ago that my friend Carrie asked if we could get a dinner date on the calendar. Now if I put something on my calendar the chance of me following through increases. Earlier this week she texted me wanting to do the “first contact confirmation.” This is where they subtly remind me and nail down a location. A day or two later we talked on the phone and she knew that the holiday stress was rapidly decreasing my chances of actually executing a night out.

Calendar Confirmation

The day before our plans I sent the text. The much anticipated sorry I hate to cancel blah, blah, blah text. This time it was more of a SOS and she stepped up big time. She didn’t get mad. She didn’t shoot back with “I knew it”. Instead of getting fancied up and going out to an actual restaurant, her and her husband grabbed some cocktails and headed over.

My friends are the best

We got take out, made Povitica and wrapped presents. Everyone needs friends that bring their slippers and a bottle of wine. It isn’t about the atmosphere it’s about the company.

This was from almost a year ago. I might be less tan & more gray, but the love is still the same.

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