Natural Curl and Squat Racks

My hair has always been colored. I’ve been pretty much every color you can imagine. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. I’ve been having my friend Amanda do my hair now for a couple of years. I was hoping I could talk her into a perm but she hard passed on me. She told me I could go somewhere else but she wasn’t doing it. Something about hair breaking and blah blah blah. I decided I’d leave it to the expert and work on my natural curl.

I’ve been denying the natural curl but it’s time to stop using heat and see what happens.

Friday morning she came to the house to color my hair. I don’t even have to put a bra on. It’s fantastic. I don’t have to care what my house looks like. Everyone needs friends like that. She was cutting my hair on Friday and she asked “is that a spider?” I replied with “no it’s probably a bugger”. It turned out to be a nail in the wall. That’s a relationship goal right there.

Even though it was windy as hell today, Brogan still had a scheduled drive for drivers training. We have to drop him off on 28th street and pick him up 2 hours later. It’s kind of a pain in the ass but I can always find something to do. Today it was Style Encore, and Goodwill. The wind had knocked out the power to the street light at 28th and Breton. You want to talk about a shit show. By the time Chuck and I got through that intersection I could have used a Xanax. The traffic on 28th street in December is a nightmare anyway. The good news was I had 25 minutes to decompress in the car before Brogan was back from his drive.

Anxiety makes me bitchy

We swung through Mr.Burger drive thru for lunch and came home. I nap everyday I can, today was no exception. I laid down at 1:15. There is nothing like taking off your jeans after you ate Mr. Burger and crawling into a heated bed. Unfortunately I didn’t set an alarm. When I woke up at 4:15 I panicked.

We were invited to our friends annual Christmas party. It was from 3-5. Now I’d bet you all the money I have in my wallet, if any of my friends were asked who their most unreliable yet adorable friend is, it would be me. I’ve earned that title because I rarely commit to anything and if I do there is a 50/50 chance I’ll go. It’s never intentional or in malice. It’s just my reality. I jumped out of bed threw pants on, brushed my teeth and threw my hair up. We were out the door in less than 5 minutes. I showed up today.

I showed up today with my nap face on, but I showed up

My mom got Brogan a squat rack for Christmas and it came yesterday. Tonight he and Chuck put it together. He is so excited. This kid puts in the time that’s for sure. He gave up on trying to train me. He doesn’t get his patience from his dad.

Gettin gains

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