Lions Football

Tj Hockenson is a beast #88

I used to hate football. I never understood it. It wasn’t until Brogan started to play that I began enjoying it. Now I’d rate myself a solid 7 out of 10 on the football wife scale.


Being from Michigan we are a Detroit Lions family. We understand the odds, but we are also dreamers. Sunday’s at our house is football day. We have our flair, our snacks and each other. It’s a way to bond. Chuck and Brogan are oil and water sometimes, but when they talk football, all is right with the world.

One year for Halloween Chuck and I were refs and the kids were Golden Tate and a Lions Cheerleader. I’m going to have to look for that picture.

Found it! They were so little.

We got the tickets from my Mom and Dad for Christmas. When they bought the tickets they had no idea we’d be going to watch a 0-10-1 team. Although that may deter some people, it didn’t us. We are Lions fans, if nothing else we have hope.

We left around 8:45 in the morning. The game started at 1 but there was no way I was risking being late. Been there, done that. The last game we went to we got there at halftime. I’m absolutely certain it will be one of the childhood events that gets brought up in my children’s adult therapy visits.

The face of a little fan at his very first NFL game 2015
Can’t believe this was 6 years ago. I think this was his second game.

We had an uneventful trip to Detroit. Only one rest area stop. I’m amazed how much better I do after my hysterectomy. We pulled right into the parking garage, a crisp $50 to park, and I didn’t even care. Driving around aimlessly looking for parking in Detroit was not on my too do list.

This one gets me. She will smile for me anytime.

Getting into Ford Field was easy. The Tickets are digital and security went fast. Once we got inside Morgan and Darrian instantly split. They obviously wanted to explore on their own. So it was Chuck the kids and I. Talk about party poopers. They didn’t want their pictures with Santa or the Cheerleaders.

I let it slide but Damit we were doing the green screen and they were going to smile and look like they liked it. I wanted a nice photo and I mom guilted the shit out of them. Sometimes it take a little muscle to get those memories.

“Dad please don’t let her make us do it”
I absolutely made them do it

Power hour is a big deal apparently. During power house hot dogs are $2. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal until power hour was over and that $2 hot dog suddenly became a $6 hot dog. I don’t drink but I can tell you that 1/2 of my party very much enjoyed power hour drink specials and a mean looking Bloody Mary.

Still an hour before the game started

Being at the game is always more fun than watching at home. There’s music and the energy from the crowd is contagious. This game was the absolute the best. It was a nail biter until the very last second. Truth be told Chuck actually got out of his seat and left. He couldn’t stand it. I’m so glad Brogan made the rest of us stay. We got to see the touchdown play that ran the clock, and won the game.

The energy in the stadium erupted. You would have thought we won the Super Bowl. We won one damn game all season but we celebrated like we were taking home the gold.

Got to watch the game with my Uncle Ron. Yes he looks like my dad, and no they aren’t twins 😉

It’s days like this one that I hope we remember forever.

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