New Orleans Did Not Disappoint

To be fair, I have a confession. I did pack for four days in a carry-on but we did make a trip to Walmart on Sunday to replenish. At this point we were 3 days and 2 nights in. Chuck and I both grabbed a pair of jeans. I got a sweater and a long underwear style shirt. Of course I grabbed a travel size hairspray and some road snacks. We were off New Orleans or bust.

It’s all about balance

We had gotten plenty of suggestions and advice from everyone we had encountered. Southern hospitality is a real thing y’all. Of course we retained none of it and mapped our way into the city with zero knowledge or plans. We found parking at a large mall. It seemed to be sandwiched between a couple of conference centers. Apparently the current one was for Ophthalmology. Lots of suits and A-line skirts.

We hit the mall and I ran into Nordstrom Rack for some socks. I wasn’t going through security barefoot again and if we were truly putting on some miles, a pair of no shows would be ideal.

We walked down to Harrahs Casino and I thought what better place to get some directions than a place that I could possibly win some of my money back at. Unfortunately as nice as the man was I did not have my vaccination record or a negative Covid test in the last 72 hours so no entry. Probably saved me $100 anyway.

We made our way to a ice shanty looking booth and did what any good tourist would do. Two tickets to the double decker bus please. We hopped on and that was how we saw the majority of New Orleans. I got to see a pair of boobs and it wasn’t even Mardi Gras. I’m sure the alcohol had been flowing all day but I made for a good chuckle.

The bus stopped several places along the route. You could ride the whole way, or get off at any destination and the busses would come through in 25 minute intervals. Hop on Hop off is actually what it was called. I can assure you there were areas that there was no way in hell I was hopping off. As you all know I am a chicken shit.

We did decide to hop off at a stop that was text book New Orleans. There was a voodoo shop on the corner and a TON of people. We walked around in awe. There was a cool little hat shop there. Every kind of hat imaginable. Even ones you couldn’t imagine. We stumbled upon a street act and this is where one of my favorite memories was made.

So many possibilities but definitely not a daily wear.

Brogan does crazy flips so when I saw guys flipping down the street I had to record it for him. About a minute in to it Chuck says, “ok, let’s go”. Of course I wasn’t ready yet and that’s when it happened. “We need a few big white guys” they announced. They wanted crowd participation. Out of nowhere this little fella grabs Chucks hand and leads him out to the middle of the circle. Now my husband is always a good sport but this, this tops them all.

This guy though….

Side note, it was about this time that a woman ran over and asked if anyone was a doctor or had medical training. There was a medical emergency and she needed help. I mean for a split second I thought my CPR training might come in handy but thank GOD another older woman was a retired nurse and she went with her. Now mind you my husband is in the middle of a huge circle of people getting ready to do who knows what and to my right there is a medical emergency. I don’t want to miss this performance but I’m a bit curious as to what’s going on to my right as well. In equally torn. Then I see it. A woman spread eagle on the ground. Yeah, hard pass. No CPR training in the world is going to help with delivering a baby. I didn’t even deliver my own babies. Zero help I’d be.

I focused my attention back on Chuck. If looks could kill I’d be dead, but I could not stop laughing. What I thought would be a couple minute stunt turned into about a 30 minute street show that ate up way to much time. In the end I have the best video and am convinced he is an almost extinct breed.

This is everything, absolutely everything

We said goodbye to New Orleans just as the sun was going down. We made it to Mobile Alabama for the last night of the trip. We really lucked out with out hotel selections on this adventure. Three hotels, three different states and not one solid complaint.

Where I come from these are called throw pillows. Big bed, little pillows.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans Did Not Disappoint

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  1. Well, I’m disappointed for you.. that you missed out on some delicious beignets at Cafe Du Monde. But the Hop On, Hop off bus trip is a great way to see a good part of the city in a short amount of time. Sis and I do Hop On/Hop Off if in a new city (NYC, Philly, Chicago)
    Chuck’s a good sport.. if just a little stifff.


    1. I tried to do Cafe Du Monde but they had a sign up requiring vaccination proof to enter. I did have some amazing beignets on the bread pudding from the night before. We had so much fun. I would definitely love to go back.


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