Ya Want To Get Naked While I Go Pee?

My husband is hands down the most genuine human alive.

Ah, romance when you are young and in love. It’s exciting and full of wonder. The flirting, the subtle hints, the thoughts of what’s in store. Gentle arm touches, the mystery, maybe a random passionate kiss.

Now don’t let me bust your chops because it’s still fun and exciting, but any mystery about anything is gone. I can honestly tell you that my husband has seen more of my body than I have. The good, the bad and the ugly. I mean are you even married if you can’t say “hey, can you come look at this and tell me what it is?”

The good news is as you get older is that there are rarely mixed signals. You learn that open communication is the key. “Ya want to get naked while I pee?” Is considered a genuine sexual advance. The best part is the answer of “No I’m waiting on a good poop” is a respectable answer.

Romance in your 40’s is the absolute best!

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