Cliffs Notes For Traveling With Me.

The following in no particular order are a must.

Hand sanitizer- lotion-chapstick-water-phone-sunglasses- charger-hair tie and snacks. Lots of snacks. Gummy bears or M&M’s are safe.

I pee a lot. Rest areas are never a question. It there is one available, I’ve got to use it.

I’m going to switch between county, top hits and 90’s grunge. Unfortunately there is no rhyme or reason. If we are listening to the actual radio, as soon as it starts to fuzz out, the channel is going to get changed. It’s like nails in a chalk board

We will never, and I mean never share a toothbrush.

I’m also going to sing. I’m going to sing every damn word whether it’s right or wrong. If I’m not 100% sure I’ll mumble my way through it but my amazing delivery will distract you from the fact that I blew the lyrics.

We aren’t eating at a chain restaurant unless we have somehow slid past hangry. Road trips are for adventures and trying new things. I want something I can’t have at home. Something new and different.

I will offer to take total strangers photos if I see them struggling with group selfies. It’s actually amazing how thankful people are when you offer. It takes 2 seconds and it is a visual lifetime memory for them.

I will talk to everyone. I will make friends everywhere. The waitresses, the ladies in the Walmart dressing rooms, even the airline ticket counter gal. They will all give you way more personal information than you ever asked for or wanted to know. It’s a blessing and a curse.

He could write a book y’all

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