This year my mom insisted on hosting Thanksgiving dinner. She did the majority of the food while we contributed sweet potatoes, cranberry relish and deviled eggs. It was low key and perfect. I wore my turkey pants and definitely took advantage of the elastic.

Morgan showing Brogan how to braid

The kids made TikToks. There was a lot of shenanigans and laughter. I love having all of my kids together. There is nothing better. Except these damn Dove Chocolates. These are amazing

Christmas is right around the corner. I’ve got a good head start. As the kids get older it gets less fun but a lot easier. They know the budget, they tell me what they want and I buy it. Shoot sometimes they just send me the link. There are very little surprises on Christmas morning.

My adult Christmas list includes this Ninja with a stay warm carafe. Now that I head to work anytime between 9 and 9:45, which is 3 hours after Chuck. I get cold coffee. There is a time and a place for iced coffee and it isn’t weekday mornings.

Speaking of coffee. Last week I got this wild idea to start a weekly coffee date. I planned it for Wednesday morning. I threw it out in FB last minute and had 4 ladies join me. It was so nice. Sometimes you just need to sit with ladies, drink coffee and talk about shit.

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