Road Trip Day One Part Two

Thank you Biloxi

Now the goal was to find some real southern food. After scrolling through Trip Advisor I decided to take one for the team and give Parrains Jambalaya Kitchen a try. Chuck loves that kind of stuff and the reviews were good.

We pulled up to a small hole in the wall. I was instantly feeling regret. I was sure my streak of blind pick wins was over. We walked in and there were about 6 tables in the place and one of them was occupied. Once you actually make the decision to enter the option for a plan B is over.

Our favorite hole in the wall

Instantly our waitress Michelle Ann became one of my best friends and the rest of dinning experience is straight out of a movie. She went over the menu and explained everything. She assured me the heat was at the back end, whatever the hell that meant.

Now a table of “regulars” came in. They were an adorable couple in their 70’s on their way to church. I had the best time chatting with them. Of course my husband would have probably enjoyed a quiet dinner after being in the car with me all day. He should know better by now. We talked about Mackinaw Island and they gave us some pointers for New Orleans.

We ordered a sampler to start. I can’t remember everything on it but I know that there were Cracklins. I’m now a Cracklins fan. I did not however adventure over to the head cheese side of the plate. Chuck tried the Boudin Balls and I did the Boudin egg rolls. Everything was so good!

Chucks was in heaven

Michelle Ann talked me into the Chicken jambalaya. Chuck got a sampler with Gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice and craw fish étouffée. I tried his red beans and rice. They were definitely better than I’d expected. My jambalaya was really good. I can’t lie though, the bread pudding was heaven. I’m going to try and make that someday.

My Chicken Jambalaya

As we ate we learned that Michelle Ann’s ex husband cheated on her with the babysitter and got her pregnant. Now that was years ago, but now their son is getting married and the step mom wants to know what Michelle Ann is wearing to the wedding. There is no way in hell she is going to tell her.

This bread pudding though…

By the time we left we had made friends with 2 other tables. One was a woman with her grown daughters that had just left a holiday expo at the Coliseum. As fun as that sounded I knew whatever I bought I had to fly home on a carry on. I opted for the casino. My bad.

The Casino was pretty much text book for us. I lost my money but Chuck softened the blow by coming out even on his end. He’s logical and I’m emotional. Somehow it works.

If I had a dollar for everyone he said “come on, how is that not something!?” I’d take another week off.

I did Hotwire again for a hotel and we ended up at the Grand Centennial. It was a large complex that used to be a military barracks. I think that there were 7 buildings. The room was nice but they definitely don’t cater to the coffee drinkers. A 15 minute ride to Krispie Kreme made the world right again.

The musical fountain at our hotel
As we pulled up last night. Damn I’m getting lucky!

And now we we are off to New Orleans.

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