Wheels Up….Eventually

Friday November 12th was our 16th wedding anniversary. We decided a week before that we would fly to Destin Florida for a long weekend. The only plans we made were the flight and rental car. Everything else was completely in the air.

My travel look is laid back yet edgy…
“Babe, have you ever listened to Pink Floyd?”
“…….Shut up” 😂
Happy 16 years to the man that can always make me laugh. 💕

We woke up on Friday morning and our flight had been delayed 20 minutes. It got delayed once more by the time we left the house. My mom gave us a ride to the airport. Of course her damn gas light was on. Unfortunately my husband is not the kid of guy that can just ignore that or take her word that she will stop on the way back home. So we have to stop. The whole time I’m thinking if I miss this flight, I’m going to enjoy the single life. My mom responds with “this is going in the blog isn’t it?” You bet your ass it is.

He’s so good with her

We got to the airport in plenty of time. Going through security I realized that my Sperry’s with no socks was a BAD choice. The germaphobe in me was struggling hard. I threw all my stuff in the plastic bucket and walked thru security. “Ma’am please step aside.” Every single time I go through that damn machine my crotch lights up like a Christmas tree. Of course they always ask if I’d like to go somewhere more private. No thanks, frisk me right out here. They pat me up, down, and inside out. All clear. I can’t wait to fly home. Insert sarcasm.

We boarded the plane and Chuck and I were seated across the isle from each other. There was some sort of mechanical problem but they got it fixed. The snow that we got, delayed us a bit more due to the de icing. The flight once we got going was pretty uneventful.

We landed in Destin. Traveling with just carry ons is amazing. Absolutely amazing. We got the rental car and it was a Dodge Challenger. When we go on our “Adult Only” vacations we try and do a cool car. Last time we had a convertible, that was fun.

It was now 7pm Destin time and I was getting hangry. Between the delays, the mechanical issue and the de icing I did not adequately prepare. I got on Trip Advisor and found a restaurant. It was a small Italian place. The meal was amazing and I was officially one for one on my blind picks.

After dinner I Hotwired us a hotel. I have never used that before. I was a little uneasy booking a hotel not knowing what it was but what the hell. We were living on the edge. It needed up being a Holiday Inn express and was just perfect. The handicap shower made for some giggles as I reflected on our progression over the last 16 years.

On your honeymoon you get a Jacuzzi tub suite. On your 16th anniversary you get this….

This morning we got up and walked the beach in Destin. Chuck couldn’t believe how white the sand was. The kids and I had been there for Spring break but he didn’t get to go. It was nice for him to see the beauty we did.

Toes in the sand is my happy place
Morning walk on the Beach

Now in true Jen and Chuck fashion the rental car needed to be exchanged. The passenger side seat belt didn’t work. After a morning of phone calls we finally got everything switched around. Chuck had to trade in his Challenger for a Jeep Cherokee and he didn’t even care. You know you’re getting old when you take comfort and safety over cool.

We road tripped through Alabama and are now resting in Biloxi Mississippi. Yes we flew to Destin and are now road tripping. It’s not about the destination it’s about the adventure.

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