Round Trip Tickets and Christmas Trees.

My buffet this year

It’s official, I have absolutely lost my mind. I booked round trip flights for two to Florida next weekend. It’s our anniversary on the 12th and I feel like after the crazy year we’ve had, we deserve it.

However that’s not where my sanity comes into question. For the first time in my life I will be taking 1 carry on. I’m a bit nervous but Im up for the challenge. Secondly, I am not booking us a place to stay. We will land in Destin on Friday at 5pm. We will have zero plans, no itinerary, nothing. Endless possibilities. I figure we will have awesome memories or have learned a great lesson. Here’s to new adventures with zero planning.

I can do this, I can do this.

This weekend the weather has been amazing. We were able to get the gardens all cleaned out. I cut back a bunch of my plants. We even got the net and the jump pad off the trampoline for winter. I also planted dahlia bulbs for the first time in my life. I’m a bit excited to see what spring brings.

This is my favorite tree. We’ve had a few over the years but none that have looked this real.

For some reason Brogan is into Christmas decorating this year. Usually we wait until after Thanksgiving but I caved today. He even crawled into the attic to get the tree. Only one minor snafu that ended up with a bloody lip for Chuck. I’m calling that a win.

It’s November 7th and our Christmas tree is up. Addison has read us our first Christmas story of the year, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is currently playing. My heart is full.

Addison reading a Christmas story to us

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