Road Trip Day One Part One

Once we got the Jeep Cherokee we were on our way. The only destination we had was to hit a casino in Biloxi Mississippi. Road tripping with me is like getting your own personal concert with potty breaks. I will sing every song. I don’t sing well but I don’t care and it doesn’t seem to both Chuck.

Assume road trip position

We were about an hour in and he finally asked how far we had to go. His level of trust with me leading him is off the charts. I looked and we were almost 1/2 way. He mentioned wanting to stop and walk around somewhere so I did a “what’s near me search” and came up with Bellingrath Gardens. I switched the GPS and we were on a new path. A path that was leading us down some back woods road on the middle of nowhere Alabama. I was a bit nervous. Thank God it turned out in my favor. 3 for 3 on the blind pics. (Dinner and hotel the first night we’re solid wins).

When you’re a bit nervous and listening for banjos. There was a “garage sale” that I wanted to stop at and he refused. Apparently he didn’t “want to die today” 😂

When we pulled up it reminded me of Fredrick Meijer Gardens. We walked for almost an hour admiring the scenery. They had a ton of Christmas lights. I bet that place is absolutely magical at night. Who knew there were so many varieties of the same flower? It was not a typical stop for us but it definitely was a nice change.

When your husband wants to go into the porcelain figure museum. Hard pass man. I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.
“Babe can alligators run fast?” I was just making sure I could escape if need be. “Yeah but not for long distances” We both start laughing because we know I’m screwed.

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