Communications Director aka People Person

I love random messages of love and support. The ones that come out of the blue and completely fill my bucket. Today I had one of those. I find it humbling when people say things like “I love what you have to say”, or “I really enjoy your posts.” She asked how my new job was going and said I should blog about it. I think she’s right.

If you remember, I got fired. Still have no idea why but I’m a true believer in everything happens for a reason. I never realized how stressed I was, until I wasn’t. Fake facades aren’t my jam.

School pick up line on a Tuesday 😉

So what am I doing now? I am currently the Communications Director at Great Lakes Insurance. It’s a self given title and is a super fancy word that means I get to do a lot of fun stuff. I placed my first newspaper ad, designed a postcard and ordered some gear.

My first ad. The pride is real.

I basically get to do all of the fun stuff. Imagine anything fun in an office, and I do that. I get to go out and meet people. Deliver gifts and holiday goodies. Go to Chamber events and anything else that may come up. I’m already scoping out the Christmas decorations. Last Friday I did a Trunk or Treat event. Seriously this is the perfect job for me.

Trunk or Treat table
The kids were fascinated with my face

My boss is the bomb. There is no clock to punch. She doesn’t micro manage my time. We will talk about the days I’m working the week before. Complete flexibility in days and hours. If I have an appointment, no worries. If I have to pick up the kids, no problem. Gotta come in late because of a Walk A Thon, have fun. I might have a bit of PTSD and am waiting for the shoe to drop but it hasn’t.

I get to dress up everyday, which I love. Dress pants and blazers are my happy place. I wonder how long I can go until she figures out I don’t know how to use excel.

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