I Love Having A Lived In House

It took me many years to feel this way, but I love having a lived in house.

My lived in house is the one that my kids and their friends can hang out in. I used to wish for bigger and better. Then I realized that the size doesn’t matter. What’s important is how people feel when they are here.

My kids friends are extended family. When they are here they expect to fend for themselves. If they are hungry they know where the food is. If they need a drink they get it. I’m not the mom that will make them a seven course meal. I am however the mom that they can con into late night Taco Bell.

Some of the best comedic gold comes out of the mouths of 15 year old boys. I’m still trying to figure out where the man voices came from though. I’ve watched them grow up together for almost 10 years. Don’t get me wrong they can be gross but for the most part they are the shit.

The 10 year old girls speak their own language. I don’t always understand it but I don’t need to. They play so well together that having two of them is easier than just one. They keep each other occupied. They can plow through the Mac and Cheese but dang they are cute.

They know that my dishes aren’t going to be done and my bathroom hook will probably have a bra hanging from it, but they are well conditioned. They know that they will always be welcomed and they can just drop their shoes at the door.

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