Crutches And Football

TJ Maxx is my happy place

So I’ve officially hit the age where I feel it’s appropriate to start wearing animal prints. I didn’t know if this day would ever come, but it’s here. I’ve always accessorized with it but never fully committed. However my favorite shoes are leopard print flats from Rothys. Yes, they are worth it.

There’s a man, on my couch, when did this happen?

Have you ever looked across the room and couldn’t believe your eyes? When in the hell did this happen? He’s always going to be my baby, but there is suddenly a man morphing. The voice change, the way his jaw is squaring up and all of the other little changes that suddenly seem big. It’s a bizarre feeling.

Yup, this happened

I had to fight for a trampoline. Chuck was anti trampoline for years. I finally broke him a few years ago. We currently have 2. Why you ask? Because we need two obviously. Last night this kid sprained her ankle. Nothing like a trip to Urgent Care at 8pm on a Wednesday night. She will be sporting a brace and crutches for a little bit. Her first basketball game is Saturday and unfortunately she’s going to be sitting this one out.

Brought the kids to school today and picked up Addison’s friend along the way. I couldn’t make her do crutches with the bus. I say to them in my very serious mom voice, “Now girls listen, this is really important. I’m having Botox today so if you get home and don’t recognize me because I look like a supermodel I don’t want you to be scared. It really will be me.”

Laughter erupted from the back seat

Pre Dysport injections. We have to wait 3 days to see what kind of magic it’s gonna do.

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