Deodorant and Mod Podge

I decided yesterday that Monday’s will now officially be grocery shopping day. The stores are less busy and I can take my time. I bit off more than I could chew today. 5 stores is too much for this chick.

I’ve been spending way too much time on TikTok lately. I saw a lady Mod Podge some stuff from the Dollar Tree and decided I’d give it a shot. I bought some brushes, the Mod Podge and a wooden tray to try out my skills on. I’ve got some learning to do. A lot of learning to do.

Before, so much potential
After, I’ve got some learning to do

Next was Sams Club. This one was tricky but it was early so my willpower was good. I almost caved on the MiniBrands. I’d give them to Addison for Christmas but they would secretly be for me. I can’t get enough of those damn things. As I got to the check out I was feeling quite accomplished. There were only necessities in my cart. I swiped my membership card at the self check out and wouldn’t you know my membership had expired. Damit, there was $45 I was not planning on today.

I’m addicted

Costco was next. I could get lost in Costco but I was on a mission. I had a list and I was sticking to it. I feel like I did pretty well. Of course there were the cutest animated singing skeletons but my husband busted my balls on that one. It’s kind of weird shopping now, knowing I’m not bringing in any money.

Love this man

As if Sams club and Costco are wasn’t enough I had to hit Aldi. They have the absolute best pita chips. This was by far the smallest order I’ve had in a long time. Just 2 bags. There was a guy at the entrance that forgot his quarter so I gave him my cart. I only had the two bags and this way I didn’t have to walk the cart back. This was stop #4 and I was starting to fade.

At last, a trip to Meijer to round it all out. My men needed deodorant. How hard could that be? Let me just say that I now know what it must be like for men to pick out tampons. There were so many damn options. Some were just deodorant, not antiperspirant. Some were 24 hour, and some were 48 hour. I wasted a good 5 minutes grabbing one and then second guessing and putting it back. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Bullshit, this isle is bullshit

At the end of the day we have groceries. The boys have deodorant and I survived. That’s a great day. Tomorrow we thrift.

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