It’s feeling like Halloween

It’s finally October. That means I was able to get the Halloween decorations out. I made a deal with Chuck, no skulls and rats until October.

I’ve been thrifting and crafting quite a bit lately. I am so proud of these re purposed candle sticks.

Remember when we redid our ceiling fan? Well I repurposed those old ugly glass globes. I made Halloween candle holders. I’m in love with the outcome. It was an incredibly easy project.

4 candle sticks = $4 (thrift store scores)

4 glass globes = free

E900 glue- Anna wouldn’t let me pay her but I think it was $5 and I still have two tubes left so I’m going with $2.50

1 can of spray paint = It was leftover from my ceiling fan project but we will say $4

4 dollar tree battery lights = free (I have no idea why I have an entire drawer full but they came in handy today.

Total for 4 sturdy Halloween candle holders = $10.50

Addison helped me decorate, she does a fabulous job. Now we get to sit and enjoy them for a month. I made a deal on Halloween decorations, but Christmas ones are a whole different ball game. November 1st I’m pulling those babies out of storage.

Happy Fall Y’all

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