Auctions and Homecoming

I am impulsive. It’s a trait that I have learned to embrace. My husband may not always love it, but he accepts it. I was scrolling Facebook last week and noticed an online auction. Before I knew it I had bid on 15 items. I was in the middle of dinner and lost all but 6 or 7 of them, thank goodness.

My newest $1 thrift store hat

Now I had to go pick up my goods. I brought my mom along for the ride. We were able to pick up my goods, and hit a few new thrift stores. If I could figure out how to make a living thrifting I’d be in heaven.

Here’s me driving Ms. Daisy

At the auction I scored some old books. Now remember I don’t read, but they do look awesome on my shelf. I also picked up a new seeder for the yard, an antique jewelry box with jewelry, a wooden step stool, some old lights and some candle holders. The candle holders are in mid project mode, I’ll keep you posted.

I love all things old

This weekend was homecoming. Friday was the parade and game. Brogan was in the parade for football so we went. It’s always good to be reminded how much I hate crowds. Just in case there comes a day when I forget. We all survived and the kids had a great time.

When your brother is passing out candy at the parade

Saturday was Brogans first homecoming dance. His bow tie and suspenders matched his dates dress. Homecoming has definitely changed since I was a kid. I’m a bit nervous about prom. I’ve got a year or two to worry about that though.

They looked so cute
I can’t believe how fast he’s becoming a man

Now it’s Sunday night and I’m making my grocery list for tomorrow. I enjoy grocery shopping on Monday’s instead of Sundays. There are not nearly as many people. Don’t get me wrong, not working has its drawbacks, but I’ve gotta say, Sunday nights sure hit different right now.

Great group of kids

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