Lets Go Earn Some Badges

Remember in elementary school there were Girl Scouts? You’d meet once a week, say the pledge, do crafts and eat snacks. Then there were the badges you could earn. The friendship badge. The kind and caring badge. You even got little star pins to indicate how long you’ve been rocking the Girl Scout life.

I want that as a 40 some year old woman. I want a group of fierce supportive women that meet regularly. I want to sit around and talk about the not-so-shiny parts of life. I want women that share their fears, wives that talk about how they struggle sometimes, and moms that talk about their latest escapades with their teenagers. I want real.

We can say a pledge that somehow incorporates the need for honesty, truth, and friendship. We can have fancy grown-up snacks like a charcuterie board and wine. Shoot we can even do make badges. You made dinner every night, here’s your badge. You compromised during an argument with your husband, here’s your badge. You didn’t lose your shit at work, here’s your badge.

Let’s do it!

The entire goal being that everyone leaves with the feeling of inclusiveness and knowing that there are not alone. We can celebrate all of the good in our lives while acknowledging that some things just suck. It always makes it easier when someone else has been there and reminds you of your badassery. Let’s get real with each other. I’ll bring the wine.


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