She’s Baaack

Thank you Jesus, I’m feeling human again

I’ve been down with Covid since last week Wednesday. Holy cow that was no joke. I felt less than human. I went days without showering. I couldn’t smell anything anyway. My lord I think I might have even went 3 days without brushing my teeth. It’s all hazy. Definitely pushing the limits on those, through sickness, and in health vows.

2 days ago I finally started to feel alive. I showered, shaved, and did my hair and makeup today. It was definitely a longer process than normal. I took a couple of little breaks between the blow drying and straightening routine. Damn it felt good to put real clothes on too. Day one out of isolation was a great one.

My people

We started our morning off with a trip to recycle some metal, and a stop by the local farmers market. I bought 2 bouquets of flowers. One for me, and one for Anna. She brought me a mega size frozen coke and Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins when I was sick. We don’t keep score, but if we did she would win.

Farmers market flowers

I have high aspirations of this new found free time. When I was sick I couldn’t think. Now I’ve got to start planning my next career move. According to the billboards along 28th street I could be a cannabis delivery driver. I mean really, what could go wrong there? I decided that working anywhere I like to shop would be a bad idea, and probably counterproductive. I think I’ll write a memoir. My life spread out on pages. Pages full of letters, that somehow form words, that tell a story. It will induce laughter and awe, that’s a given. Now to get a cash advance on that.

While I’m organizing my thoughts on this memoir I’m going to revamp my living room ceiling fan. I can’t remember ever loving it, but recently I’ve been disliking it. I have an idea. We’ve spent $30 so far. If I love it when it’s done, that saves us $150 not having to buy a new one. Stay tuned.

20 years was a good run
Sneak peak into my mind

We grabbed Bob Evans for dinner tonight. Bob Evans is so underrated. There is nothing like real food after being sick. Pot roast and carrots for the win. I have 4 Hello Fresh bags in my fridge. 2 have certainly gone bad, 2 may be questionable. When you are sick the last thing you want to do is cook. I’ve gotta work on that.

Stay true, and do you.


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