Project Sunday

Yesterday I decided that I hated my ceiling fan, and needed to do something about it. I’m not one of those people that plan things out. I’m more of a let’s do this, and do it now, kind of gal. We went to Menards yesterday to gather a few supplies. I had an idea of what I wanted, it’s always the execution that gets tricky.

I think it used to be all white, but over time it yellowed.

First of all, I love Menards. I could walk around that store for an entire day. It honestly ranks right up there with Goodwill for me. So many trinkets. I don’t always know what they are supposed to be used for, but my brain is always spinning on how I could use them.

Just for fun I picked out a ceiling fan that resembled the look I was going for, $175. This is how I sell things to my husband. I alway start with the amount it would cost if he didn’t let me DIY. Letting me DIY always turns into him helping in a huge way. It’s a good thing he doesn’t seem to mind.

Second guessing his involvement.

This was pushing his #1 rule though. He doesn’t mess with electric. He hates it. If it’s any more involved than today was, I’d have to find an electrician. He switched the breaker off, but still had his voltage tester out twice. The fear of electrocution is real with this one.

This picture was a lifesaver

The first step was taking off the old glass globes. I’ve got a Halloween idea for those, but I’m gonna wait a bit. Then the fan blades came off. Holy smokes there was actually a grey grain side. I didn’t love it, so I ended up painting it anyway. Then the main fan.

I used painters tape to cover where the light bulbs go, and covered the wires at the top. I set myself up a little work area in the garage. It wound up hand painting the nooks and crannies before I spray painted it. Once I got it painted with the first coat, I painted the fan blades. I painted them with a grey chalk paint and then decided I didn’t love the matte finish. I had a grey satin spray paint in the garage so I sprayed that over it.

There was second where I wondered what I got myself into.

Now the waiting. Ugh, I am not a patient person in general, but this stuff is painful. I ended up repainting the street numbers on the house, and a random box I had in the garage. I have no idea what I’ll end up doing with it, but it’s painted, and it gave me something to do while my big project was drying.

Finally, reassemble time. I’ve also learned over the years to separate the screws into plastic baggies. I don’t care how much you think you’ll remember you won’t. Not in the moment when your watching your new found masterpiece, hanging by wires from the ceiling, while being held by a 6’4 man who is one step past safety on the ladder.

I’m in love.

Once it was secure, it was time to put in the bulbs and covers. I don’t know what they are technically for, but they were less than $3 a piece at Menards and work perfect for this project.

I am so happy with how this fan turned out. I only ended up using 1 can of spray paint instead of 2, so this project in total was less than $25. Look at me saving $150 today.

The products we used.

Now what’s next? What’s on your DIY list?

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