When Your 22 Year Old Sister Is The Goat

As a mom, I hope I never forget this day. We’ve been hit like a Mac truck with Covid. Three quarters of us down, is not a great ratio. Especially if you’re the one quarter that gets stuck doing everything.

Imagine this quarantine during homecoming proposals. Yeah, homecoming proposals are a thing. Brogan has been throwing around so many ideas, but executing them seems almost impossible. None of us are going anywhere or getting anything. He called his big sister. She knows we are quarantined and she stepped up and delivered. He told her what he wanted and she included him on every decision. They were actually on FaceTime so he could pick out the candy, soccer ball and the flowers.

Not bad little buddy

She then proceeded to drive from the West Side where she lives, over our way, to deliver it. She gave him minute to minute updates on her location, so that he could FaceTime his hopeful date when she walked out on the porch.

I am so proud of my kids. I’m proud of him for putting so much thought into it, and for refusing to do it over text. I am so proud of her for taking a few hours out of a Saturday to truly make her brothers day. In his exact words, “Morgan is the GOAT, for real though mom, the GOAT”

One of my favorites

And said yes

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