So, This Is Going To Be Mildly Terrible

Those were the exact words from the Covid swab nurse today. I’ve had Covid tests before. I had to have one before my hysterectomy, they’ve never been that bad. Once she had me bring my seat up, and lay my head back, I knew she wasn’t playing. She hit the nail on the head with the description of the burning sensation when you get water in your nose. Now I wait.

I woke up yesterday feeling a bit off, but with everything going on the week I wouldn’t expect anything different. Losing your job at 43, both kids testing positive for Covid, and quarantine would make even the healthiest person feel ick.

When the Clorox fumes are real

Last night I had the chills so bad. I could not warm up. I took a hot shower, and turned the mattress pad on high. I finally got comfortable and tried to get into a new Netflix series, On the Verge. It looked like a good mid 40’s movie. It had a group of girlfriends, who had families. Sometimes it’s nice to see what is normal for other people. As you know I’m a firm believer in the, you’re not alone movement. Let’s talk about the nitty gritty stuff. Don’t show me your entry way, show me your junk drawer. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into it. I wanted to strangle ever single male character there was. I can handle one or two in a group, but every one of them were terrible. I need some good recommendations. Hit me up below with your suggestions and remember I only do cheeky and romcom.

Don’t do it…

This morning I woke up and it felt like there was a semi in my face. My head hurt, my teeth hurt, my throat hurt. Everything fricken hurt. I messaged my doctor to see if a Covid test was even necessary, since I’m living with two little petri dishes. As if this week hasn’t been one for the books already, she responded that I’m high risk because I’m obese, and she would like me to have the Covid test, so that I can have an antibody infusion. Damn yo, kick a girl while she’s down. She also recommended a pulse ox to keep an eye on my oxygen levels. Thank goodness I have friends with random things that I can borrow. She even delivered a mum. Porch drop and run of course.

I think he’s getting tired of me 😂

Chuck took me up to Michigan Ave at 2:30 for the swab. It was quite the operation. A line of cars and 3 makeshift drive through bays. I feel bad that he can’t go to work, considering he’s surrounded by us. He’s trying really hard to do what he can from home, but it’s not the same. I’m sure he will be skipping out the door as soon as possible.

Covid testing site

Stay safe, stay healthy, and give me those Netflix recommendations.


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